KV Artist Blacksmith

Katie Ventress, hand forged and fabricated the sculpture “stingrays” by a combination of traditional blacksmithing and modern fabrication. Ventress was inspired to capture the graceful movement of the underwater flight of the stingray.

The public sculpture was temporally placed on the beach of Staithes for a local Festival. The Rays themselves were in situ for a few months, during which they were completely submerged in the North Sea, daily. 

Galvanizing was chosen as Ventress wanted to be confident that the sculpture would withstand the most hostile of environments. Not only did the galvanising hold up to the salt, water and erosion, it took on the most beautiful organic patina, which could never have been achieved by hand. 

Overtime, the finish of the Rays began to take on a whole new life, mottling the skin to look like that of a true marine animal.

Katie says “I love the fact that the galvanizing enabled me to place my art in the North Sea and not only protect it, but allow the sea itself to contribute to the final piece of art!”
Photographs © KV Artist Blacksmith, Mike Marshall, Simon Blackwood.
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