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Photographs © Mark Cocksedge
Baart Harries Newall Architects
Clun Fire Station
Photographs © Simon Harries
Bartlett School of Architecture & StorpWeberArchitects
Harlesden Town Garden Hub
Photographs © French + Tye
Beech Architects
The Listening Station
Photographs © Suffolk Hideaways
Bill and Peach Shaw
Photographs © Bill and Peach Shaw
Entrance Canopy for Luton Airport
Photographs © Nick Podmore, Tom Snell
Euston Station
Photographs © Nick Podmore, Tom Snell
Carmody Groarke
The Hill House Box
Photographs © Johan Dehlin
Crittall Windows
Coleraine Library
Photographs © Vizz Creative Photography
Defra Environment Agency
River Wey Weirs Refurbishment Scheme
Photographs © DEFRA Environment Agency
Emma Stothard Sculpture
Brown Crab
Photographs © Emma Stothard Sculpture
Engineering Fabrication Limited
The Wave, Bristol
Photographs © Global Shots, Matt Austin and Engineering Fabrication Limited
Haston Reynolds Ltd
University of Nottingham, Centre for Dairy Science Innovation
Photographs © Haston Reynolds Ltd / University of Nottingham
Ian Gill Sculpture
Gunnera Water Sculpture
Photographs © Simon Muncer
James Wilkinson Blacksmith
Fern Handrail
Photographs © James Wilkinson Blacksmith
James Wilkinson Blacksmith
Foxglove Sculpture
Photographs © Andrew Munden
John Robertson Architects
Great Arthur House
Photographs © Peter Cook, Will Scott, John Maltby / RIBA Photography Collection
Knott Architects
Endymion Road
Photographs © Knott Architects
KV Artist Blacksmith
Photographs © KV Artist Blacksmith, Mike Marshall, Simon Blackwood
Lang+Fulton / Fereday Pollard
Abbey Wood Crossrail Station
Photographs © Lang+Fulton, Fereday Pollard
Lang+Fulton / Hawkins Brown
Here East
Photographs © Lang+Fulton
Line Architecture
Monachyle Beag
Photographs © Ross Campbell Photography
Long & Kentish architects
Trebah Garden SW Coastal Path
Photographs © Long & Kentish Architects
Lucas+Western Architects Ltd
The Lookout, Holkham
Photographs © Holkham Estate, Plandescil Ltd, Kings Lynn Magazine
Meloy Architects
Hill House Passivhaus
Photographs © Charles Meloy
Neil Choudhury Architects
The Long House
Photographs © Nick Guttridge, Neil Choudhury Architects
P Johnson & Company
Photographs © Shona Johnson, P Johnson & Company
P Johnson & Company
Thistles and Butterflies Patio, Gates and Balustrade
Photographs © P Johnson & Company
Paul Archer Design
Rosebery House
Photographs © Paul Archer Design
Pricegore & Yinka Ilori
The Colour Palace
Photography © Adam Scott
Proctor Matthews
Northstowe House
Photographs © Tim Crocker
Rupert Till
Never Alone
Photographs © Rupert Till
Sanya Polescuk Architects
Fresh and Green
Photographs © Emanuelis Stasaitis
Sarah-Louise Wilson Art
The Friarton Fish
Photographs © Sarah-Louise Wilson
Fordham Abbey Dojima Sake Brewery
Photographs © SCABAL, Ed Tyler
St Agnes RC Primary School
Photographs © SCABAL
Spatial Structures
Brighton & Hove Albion FC
Photographs © Spatial Structures, Brighton & Hove Albion/Buckingham Group
Studio Ageli
SACOS Warehouse
Photographs © Michele Panzeri
Studio C102
Gareth Gardner Gallery
Photographs © Gareth Gardner
Surman Weston
Ditton Hill House
Photography © Johan Dehlin
Triberg Eagle
Photographs © Andreas Thrussells
Teats Hill Community Planter and Bench
Photography © Andreas Thrussells
Tim Offer
Photography © Matthew Smith
Tonkin Liu
The Water Tower
Photography © Dennis Pedersen, Mike Tonkin
West Country Blacksmiths
Courthouse Mews
Photography © West Country Blacksmiths
Be Well Pavilion
Photography © Tino Antoniou
YOU&ME Architecture & Cooke Fawcett Architects
Living Room Pavilion
Photographs © Peter Landers, Cake Industries
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